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insulated bag

Insulated Bag

Brand Name: Rabbit

Material: Nylon

Type: Insulated

Use: Food

Color: Red, Black

Size: 20*20*9 inch  or Custom

Logo: Accept Customized Logo

Item: food delivery bag

Name: insulated food warmer bag/pizza bag

Delivery Bag

Brand Name: Rabbit

Material: Nylon

Type: Insulated

Use: Food

Color: Red,Black

Size: 18*18*8.5 inch or Custom

Logo: Accept Customized Logo

Item: food delivery bag

Name: food delivery bag/pizza cooler bag

delivery bag
pizza bag

Pizza Bag

Brand Name: Rabbit


Type: Thermal

Use: Food

Color: Red or Custom

Size: 18*5.25*18inch or Custom

Logo: Accept Customized Logo

Item: pizza warmer bag

Name: pizza hot bag/pizza cooler bag

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Constantly break through the industrial pattern which base on the market orientation and user experience, we not only have enthusiastic front-line staff and the strongest R & D team, but also the extraordinarily modern designers, high quality material suppliers and modernize production workshop.

We are not a simple manufacturer of insulation bag, we are the output base of insulation bag brand, the key point to do brand operation sucessfully is to choose a good cooperation partner without doubts.

Rabbit service concept --- always provide valuable service to customers

1) Collect and analyze customer experience information

By communicating with the user through the sales and service personnel, to obtain useful customer experience information for products improvement.

2) Collect and analyze customer demand

Communicate with our customers to provide excellent delivery bag solution.

3) Customized production

High standard manufacturing, to provide customers with high quality products and solutions.

4) Complete product delivery

To complete the production, delivery, installation, let customers worry-free.

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7) Improve the quality of customized products

By analyzing the user experience of counterparts to improve the products performance and function.

Product Display

product display-1

This pizza bag offers the exceptional heat retention your establishment needs for its delivery service. This bag uses 2" thick poly-batting insulation to accomplish this, keeping your pizzas 10% warmer than the competition during the first hour of use for a fraction of the cost.

product display-2

This premium pizza delivery bag is designed with all the upgrades your pizza delivery persons need to get your steaming hot, perfect pizzas to your customers. It makes transporting pizzas an effortless task, and will help your pizzas arrive at your patron's door hot and fresh, like they just came out of the oven..

product display-4

Reinforced straps promote safe, comfortable lifting and will last through repeated use. A hardboard bottom and a wrist strap on the underside of the bag ensure stability while transporting any number of pizzas.

product display-5

The durable nylon exterior is water resistant, keeping foods protected and ensuring an effortless clean-up. You can even toss this bag in a low-temp dishwasher for an even easier cleaning solution.

product display-6

For your convenience, a transparent ID window on the exterior of the bag provides your staff with a safe place to store menus,coupons, receipts, or even business cards.

Our customized service

You could contact with our sales before selecting the expected insulation bags, we are offering material, color and brand customization for all your needs in best way.


The common insulation bag material on the market is mostly in non-woven fabric + aluminum film pearl cotton, then Oxford cloth or polyester.

General process for insulation bag: screen printing, color pattern.

Non-woven version: Film wrapping, thermal transfer printing and offset printing.

Oxford cloth or polyester version: thermal transfer printing

The insulation bag is a kind of bag with constant temperature effect, which can keep cold/heat (warm in winter and cool in summer). The insulation layer of the product is super thick insulation cotton, which provides good heat insulation performance. The bag can be folded for easy carrying.


Fabric: Oxford cloth or nylon cloth, strong and wear-resistant; Assembled with waterproof rubber sole, anti-slip pad in the bottom.

Structure: independent insulated food storehouse assembled with anti-pressure system, food storage is not squeezed.

Inside: the inside of the food storehouse is made of aluminum foil, to achieve the function of heat and cold insulation by PE cotton. It’s environmental protection and safety product, which can touch the food directly.

Function: use hot melt seamless bonding technology, long heat preservation time.


Portable, light and fashionable design, can keep food fresh for a long time, easy to use, suitable for outdoor picnic and daily life


The characteristics:

Keep hot/cold

It’s the basic function for insulation bag to keep the food hot or cold, this is a kind of special bag with short-term heat preservation effect, the product insulation layer is pearl cotton + aluminum foil foil, can provide good heat insulation performance.


Advanced resistance, not easy to break under heavy pressure or impact, won’t leave any scratches.


This is the first consideration when choosing an insulation bag. Although different brands of products are sealed in different ways, sealing is a necessary condition for keep food in fresh for long time.


The international standard for sealing measurement is to evaluate the permeability humidity test. The permeability humidity of high-quality insulation bag is 200 times lower than the similar products in the market, which can keep food fresh for a longer time.

Versatility and diversity

Different sizes are designed with reusable technology ice bags for daily needs accordingly, the ice bags can keep both cold and heat (the lowest temperature of ice bag can be frozen to -190℃, the highest can be heated to 200℃, the size can be arbitrarily cut).

Environmental protection

Food grade environmental protection material, non-toxic and tasteless, anti-ultraviolet, not easy to change color.

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