Aluminum foil insulation bag

Aluminum foil thermal insulation bag is a practical bag made by using aluminum foil composite pearl cotton as the material through a bag making machine. It can play an effective role in heat insulation, so it is widely used in some places where heat preservation is cold and fresh.

With the development of the takeaway industry, many stores have begun to use aluminum foil insulation bags, especially for food takeaways that require insulation, such as porridge, barbecue, noodles, and some fast food.

The use of aluminum foil insulation bags can effectively maintain the heat of the food, so as to prevent the food from losing its deliciousness due to the decrease in temperature during the take-out process.

The use of aluminum foil insulation bags to maintain the temperature of the food allows customers to taste the original delicious food made by the store, bringing more repeat customers to the store, and avoiding many customers being disappointed because the food cools during the takeout process. It is also convenient for customers, so that customers can taste the delicious food cooked by the store without leaving home. The combination of aluminum foil insulation bag and ice bag can effectively keep cold and prevent some fresh cold chain fruits and other products from deteriorating during the express delivery process.

Let everyone feel at ease to buy fresh cold chain products online, and will no longer be unable to enjoy the characteristics of other places due to geographical distance. The practicability of aluminum foil insulation bags is very high, and the price is relatively cheap, so more and more businesses begin to choose to use this product packaging. The aluminum foil insulation bag can keep heat for about 5 hours, and the ice bag can keep cold for about 48 hours. Therefore, no matter in the food delivery industry or the express delivery industry, it is loved by many stores.

Post time: Dec-27-2021
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