Test methods for non-woven insulation bags

Non-woven insulation bag, also known as non-woven bag, is a green product, tough and durable, beautiful appearance, good air permeability, reusable, can be washed, silk screen advertising, shipping mark, long service life. One of the sewing non-woven insulation bag is how to test it?


First: people can feel the thickness of the material used by the sampling bag by hand, compared with the non-woven insulation bag sample bag recognized by the business, to investigate whether the manufacturer has shrunk in the material; In the natural light to visually check the color of the bag, is not their choice; Use your sense of smell to identify the smell of the bag.

Second: the scale of sewing needle distance of non-woven insulation bag is up to five needles in one inch. Below this requirement, the line distance is increased, and the weight of the bag will be reduced.

Third: whether the edge of the child teeth back needle reach two centimeters, otherwise easily open line fracture phenomenon; Is there a return needle at the connection between the belt and the bag body? Otherwise, the bearing capacity of the bag will be greatly reduced. The suture sample should be kept at both ends of the suture, and the suture length of 4 needles should be knotted at the end to prevent the stitches from coming off. A quality non-woven insulation bag should be square, the bag body before and after two pieces of alignment, about two straps will be natural relative.

Fourth: inch deviation test, with a indexing value of 1mm measurement of non-woven insulation bag.


The above is the non-woven insulation bag test method, hope to be useful to you!


Post time: Nov-02-2022
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