Materials needed for insulation bags

As we all know, the thermal insulation bag has very good thermal insulation, cold storage and fresh-keeping effects. Even if it is the scorching sun or the melting of snow and ice, the food inside is still intact and intact. Then, the professional name of the thermal insulation material that plays a key role is called the nano-airbag reflective layer, and it is also called the air-cushion insulation anti-flow layer or the high-temperature reflective layer.

Nano airbag reflective layer is a new type of nano flame-retardant thermal insulation material. The product is a sandwich hollow thermal insulation structure. The surface layer uses nano-coated high-purity composite aluminum foil (aluminum foil glass fiber cloth can also be used), and the core layer is filled with nano-resistance. Combustion materials (EPE/XPE foam, PE airbag/bubble film are optional), have significant heat insulation and heat preservation effect.

The reflective layer of the nano airbag adopts a composite sandwich structure design. The inner and outer surface layers are all aluminum foil multilayer composite materials, and the middle layer is a PE polyethylene airbag. This design makes the product have good cushioning, heat insulation and heat preservation effects. The aluminum foil has excellent barrier performance and good moisture resistance. Even if the heat passes through the inner aluminum foil layer to the middle PE airbag layer, heat convection will be formed in the middle layer, and it is not easy to penetrate the outer aluminum foil layer, so as to achieve good heat preservation and heat insulation. effect.

Now, I believe everyone understands the principle of the function of the insulation bag!

But in practical applications, the reflective layer of the nano airbag is much more than this

1. Used for building thermal insulation: the nano airbag reflective layer is placed on the roof (roof), which can effectively reduce the indoor temperature and achieve the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer. It can also be constructed on the internal and external walls of the building, floor heating, etc., to achieve the same effect

2. Used for heat insulation of pipelines: constructing and laying the reflective layer of nano airbag on the periphery of pipelines such as heat transmission pipelines, ventilation pipelines, etc., which can effectively reduce energy consumption

3. Used for auxiliary processing materials: container lining, carton lining, automobile heat shield, heat preservation box, heat preservation bag and other places requiring refrigeration and heat preservation

4. Nano airbag reflective layer is widely used in thermal power generation, petroleum, heating, boilers, etc. Party A companies, industrial pipeline design institutes, construction and installation units.

Post time: Dec-30-2021
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